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C1 Hollow atoms above metal and dielectrics (click here to download)
(Reprint of AIP Press Conference Proceedings, J.L.Dugan and I.L.Morgan Ed. N°680 , Page 3)

 This review paper presents  new, unpublished, results on the interaction above dielectric and metal surfaces of fully decelerated ions, ranging from C5+ up to Ar17+. These experiments have been carried out by looking at the X rays emitted in flight by the ions either with SiLi detectors and for the first time with cryogenic detectors (Superconducting Tunnel Junction: STJ). Coincidence experiments on the backscattering of highly charged ions and high resolution spectroscopic measurements allowed to study the charge state of the ions above the surface versus the atomic number of the ions. A new model of interaction of HCI above the surface is presented.


C2 Une Nouvelle Technique de Gravure en Microélectronique :
l‘Irradiation avec des Ions Multichargés

(in french only; an english translation will be soon available)

(click here to download)

This review paper presents a summary of recent experiments, mainly unpublished, on  engraving  surfaces  with highly charged ions, and  a new technique , based on the atomic property of the hollow atoms, allowing to recognize , live, the electric nature of surfaces during their irradiation. An illustration of the use of these two techniques is presented  showing e.g. how to drill holes on nanometer size HfO2 layers deposited on conductive surfaces, and to control , live, the operation by looking at the X rays emitted by the ions or to  sputter dirty metal surfaces and at the same time to caracterize the cleanness of the irradiated surface  .



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